Hexcoderz- Our business Ad Venture

In the beginning, God created man and man created Hexcoderz. Let's talk about how we came into existence.

A young individual had a dream to digitalize Goa. To make it an IT hub and get the latest tech innovations to it. This dream soon became a reality. When Ashley Alexsius D'souza the founder and brains behind Hexcoderz, spoke to his friends explaining to them how he wanted to change "The Goan Outlook" towards the digital world.

His friends agreed to what he spoke, and also addressed the problem with regards to the large communication gap between the IT industry and the engineering education system. Students lacking basic skill set needed to be industry-ready.

Having an idea and a vague plan about something you need to change is not very helpful when it comes to running a company. As the underlying question still persisted, how to start?

This question was answered quickly by a project. Which came in from a potential client with a dream that matched the goal of Hexcoders. That is to digitize Goa by transforming it into India main havens for "Technological Advancement".

We aspire to make Goa the ultimate destination for students. So as to get the best insights and hands-on experience for technical background in the IT field.

We also aim to renovate our state by having a new perspective in decision-making and problem-solving based on logistics, analytical view of real live problems and solutions to them.

We are the change you want to see. HEXCODERZ

We can do this by your help. If you have an idea for a website or need social media marketing. We are here to help provide you with best services in web development and digital marketing.

Now that you're curious enough, check out our website at www.hexcoderz.com. Like, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and spread the word about Hexcoderz.

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